Japanese Art Fiesta 2011

Last Saturday I met up with a cosplay photography who is also a friend of mine, Hexlord as he was in town for Japanese Art Fiesta.

*I love this Vocaloid shirt on another cosplay photographer that day.

I met other cosplayers and photographers in that event too. During our catching up, we got down to shoot the cosplayers who are having fun in their pockets of friends.

As usual, there are quite number of Miku hatsune cosplay and some of the vocaloid gangs. I can easily count around 10 Miku at the event that day. Some were rushing to Licence 2 Play that day too.

Here's one of the sweet and pink Miku having a strawberry Pocky. When I was there, Hexlord. Fazil and Nutcase are snapping their camera at her.

This cosplayer who did everything himself. Respect!

I have to take my hat off for these cosplayers to put up with the heat in such stiff suits under the sun.

Cosplayers aside, the event is suppose to have much Japanese culture lovers to gather together and do some charity works. There are event like singing Japanese anime songs on stage. You can see they really love singing Japanese songs on stage.

I spent most of the time outside the venue to join Hexlord in Photoshooti. Here's a cosplay of Taiga Aisaka from Toradora! She is one of the good cosplayer I happened to take that day. This shot is Picture prefect. :P

As she was busy posing, I took a shot on the palm size tiger toy. Cute!

I was made fun of as they were busy taking the Cosplayer while I was taking photo of the toy... I hope she's not angry about that. I still take her photo seriously. :P

Here's a lovely Ranka Lee cosplay! I was glad that Hexlord gave me some pointer on shooting that day especially for this shot. Seeing double. :D

Of course the co-operation of the cosplayers make a big different too as she was confident and natural in front of the camera. So sweet right?

While others comes in simple Do-it-Yourself suit. It doesn't matter it look sloppy as long others recognized the character they are cosplaying

What matter is the spirit of dressing up and not to be afraid to make a fool out of yourself sometime.

Because even if you do, just make sure you have a gang of friends and photographers to support you on that.

I guess that's what cosplaying is all about.


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