Elf from Lego Minifigures 3 Review

From the hot figure of Lego Minifigures comes Elf.

“Trespass not in the secret glades of the Elves!”

For those who like RPG games or J.R.Token Novel, Elves are a well like races. The true mark of the elf are not only the sharp features but the pointy ears.

With this Lego pieces, anyone can be an Elf.

We all are familiar with the habitats as one who are with Mother Nature dwelling in the woods secretly and served as a protector of nature. As protector, they have to be armed. Their armor are scaled with earthly colors consisting of green and brown. It is a great camouflage in the wood.

As their eye sight are sharp, their choice of weapon is none other than their trusty long bow which silently slain orcs or trolls from a far distance.

As they are long range assault, this Elves were given their full body shield from any range weapon attack as well. The full shield is adored with Elven design and drawing much as a leaf.

If you have an impression that Elves are peace loving race, you are only half correct. Generally Elves do not like to get themselves into confrontation. That does not mean they fear death but in their long living wisdom, they do not see much meaning to lose their life for something that is perishable.

So just like in the Lord of the Rings, they choose to move to grey haven and let man do their thingy. And so mark the age of man and elves just disappear.

I know there are Elves fans out there and I am one of them. Because this is a chase / popular figure, I actually pay much more for it just to have him. I wish I can have a army of them but the gold in my Treasury tell me otherwise. :)


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