The Blackest Night

I have started to read the series from DC comic, The Blackest Night!

" The Blackest Night falls from the skies...
...the darkness grows as all light dies...
...we crave your hearts and your demise... my Black Hand--the dead shall rise! "

The story began at the time when some of the Superheroes and Super Villain past away and a black lantern came to call the dead to arise and do the bidding of the black lantern. Can you imagine the dead heroes coming back to live as zombie looking and lost their sense of humanity? Well this is how they look like as a toy from DC direct.

Even Superman is not immune to death. To battle against the black lantern, other color lantern and heroes joined up.

As I am currently reading the comic, I have a urge to get the rings and the toys. For start, maybe I should get myself a Green lantern ring. :P

Are you a fan of this series too?


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