What to prepare for Gundam Unicorn premiere

I will be attending the premiere of  Gundam Unicorn episode 3 together with the 3 lucky winner of my giveaway. If you are attending the premiere on that day in Singapore, here are some suggestion to prepare yourself for it.

"This is new, I didn't know there are things to prepare."

No this is nothing new. Here's the golden rule.

Be There Early and not on time!

It's a logical thing to do but why should you be there early?

1. You need to be early because it is free sitting.
Yes come early to pick the best seat. 

2. You need to be there early because to fill up your lucky draw application. 
Yes there is a lucky draw and here are the detail if you did not know about it or forgotten. Great prizes! Read the poster below and you will get the picture.

3. You need to be there early to look around and make some new friends
It's one of the rare opportunity for Gundam fans in Singapore to be together at one place. So don't be shy and make some new friends. 

4. You need to be there early to buy yourself a pop corn and drink at the cinema.
Trust me. Pop corn and drinks make the experience different especially you are sharing with a group of friends. :D

5. You need to be there early so your entrance will not affect others Gundam fans.
It's all about consideration, How will you feel if you are sitting there watching the movie and someone walk in requesting you to give way for him to move in. Worst if that person asked you about what happened for the movie 10 minutes earlier.

6. You need to be there early because there will be no commercial or other advertisement
This is not your regular movies. This premiere will not be having any commercial before the movie start. So drop the idea like "it's okay as the commercial will take around 15 minutes or so, so I won't be late."

7. You need to be there early to collect your ticket (especially the winners of the tickets giveaway from me :P)
As you will not be the only one who will be collecting the tickets, it make perfect sense to be early to collect your ticket in a queue. You can also visit the loo or even washed up. No point rushing there with sweat all over and rushed in for the movie. It will not be good for you nor the person sitting beside you if you know what I mean. :)

If you are the winners of my giveaway, please be early as I will only be waiting for the winners until 1055am max as I  want to enjoy the entire show. So do understand if you came later than the stated timing above, I reserved the rights NOT to hand you the ticket. If you know you going to be late, please notify me as early as possible to make other arrangement.

No, feeling sorry will never help... then again feeling ashamed you should. :P

Since we are in the theater, regular rules of the theater apply which include:
- Turn your mobile phone to silent mode
- No video recording during the movie. It's illegal.
- Keep conversation volume low. It's best you talk the conversation outside the theater if you need to.

Do remember there will be lucky draw for the premiere in Singapore at the end of the screening. If your name is called and you are not there in person to collect the prize and it will be given to another lucky winner. During the last premiere, one "unlucky winner" was called up but he was not there to collect and his friend requested to get the prize for him but the vote was give it to another winners who was there out of fairness. If I was not wrong, that was a MG Sinanju. So too bad. If it is emergency, by all mean rush out for it.

Lastly do remember to load your wallet with cash just in case after the preimere you head down to BHG and saw some limited edition model kit with great discount.

I'm looking forward to the Gundam Unicorn episode 3 premiere. What about you?


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