Relive the Game & Watch Moments

I consider myself lucky to be able to enjoy the dawn of portable electronic console during my childhood days. Back then there were numerous simple portable console such as "Game & Watch" with lots of classic games titles. Through the 30 years, portable consoles came to stunting evolution to 3D now (Nintendo 3DS).

However such growing up game console titles are still in the back of most of our mind. How we wish to relive the days of playing such consoles which a working condition ones are so hard to find.

Thanks to technology (and hipopotam's), now you can relive moments of game play in the comfort of your home through internet. For those who are too young to remember or actually play such games, now it's your chances to experience the simplicity of fun gameplay. It may not seems much but these were big deal to most of us (the 80s generation).

Have fun over at for the experience. They keep track of daily high score too but I am not that good. Maybe you are better. LOL

Have fun on the weekend!


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