OTTi Toy Business 101

OTTi had his Cash Machine for his business for more than a week now. So I decided to pay him a visit to see how's things were going.

So how is it OTTi? Is the business good?

Oh...that's sad. Do you have any clue why business was poor? Is it you didn't push hard enough?

Ah! That potential customer didn't let you finish your sales pitch.

I guess you have to think harder what went wrong. Think Think Think...

OTTi figure out that when he is behind the counter, there was no sales transaction. Now that OTTi figure out the problem, what is he going to do about it?

Ah! OTTi find a good solution by hiring a pretty female sale assistant. Will it work?

Well it doesn't take long to see the result. Here comes a potential customer. Will he buy anything?

Yes! The Customer seems to be happy to make his purchases. Chances are he will be back later to buy other stuff because of the service and the relationship.

Congratulation OTTi for your first business deal of the day. You have anything to say?

...Don't you know anything about Humility or Modesty OTTi? -_- |||


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