Let's See Some Green!

I have once again enrolled a entry to Eclectorama for "Let's See Some Green!". It's actually referring all the green toys that I have for the moment (or what I could get my hands on for this photo session).

Some of the green toys in the photo above I have done review on it in this blog but some I didn't. For those who have no idea the name of the toys, here are their names:

1. Shrek a mcdonalds Happy Meal toy
2. Keroro Gunso model kit (one of my many which yet to review. XP)
3. Android toy
4. OTTi, my blog mascot a custom toy.
5. A vintage Playmobil
6. Swindle a Transformers Animated deluxe class
7. Vintage Playmate Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Donatello
8. Transformers Animated Leader Class Bulkhead

So that's some of the Green toys that I have. Are they green enough for you?


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