Lego Ninja Go!

Lego has been innovating and making their toys more reliant to this time and age. Beside the minifigure series, they came out with Ninja Go which allow 2 players to spinners (aka Spinjitsu) with figure on top.

If you get the starter set, it will comes with 2 figures with various weapons and cards for 2 players and Arena to start the game.

Put the characters on each of their spinner and equip them with their choice of weapon. Once ready spin them and shout "Ninja Go!" Whoever falls off their spinner first lose that round and lose a weapon to the winner.

For me I find the characters especially the ninja and weapons look good and already a great pulling factor. For the game wise, I have to find players to play with if I getting the toy.

Here's a cute video of the characters (All the good guys)

You can find more information at
Will you get the toy and play the game or just the toy like the Ninja?


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