Lego Minifigures Series 3: Baseball Player

The story continue of my journey to collect Lego Minifigures. This time round, I got myself a Baseball player.

From his uniform, we know that this Baseball guy is from the Clutchers. He came with a cap and a baseball bat.

To tell you the truth, I was using the cheat  to get a Elf warrior but somehow Baseball guy came into my prosession. Apparently the "braille" on the right is not accurate and I was deceived thinking it was an Elf.

Anyway one of the fashion that came out of Baseball were the cap. Many love to wear it the other way round like this.

Do you wear the cap this way?

Since I have a Baseball player now, it make sense to have a cheerleader to cheer for him. For that, I have the Hula Dancer.

If that doesn't work, prehaps he need another type of motivation...Fear. For that we have The Mummy. LOL

Which one do you think work best for him? Cheering or Fearing? LOL


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