Japan deserve a little more Respect

This post has little to do with toys or anything fun but I felt I need to talk it out here.

By now I think everyone far and wide have heard about the news of the series of natural disasters hitting Japan since last Friday. I will not go into the details as it sadden me to talk about it. However I will talk about what happened on the internet when such disasters happened.

For one, there were various rumors spreading of death of some well known Japanese artists and the destruction of 1:1 Gundam due to the earthquake. Sadly many innocent readers took much of the information as truth and further spread it on. There were also crude remarks poking fun of where are those Japanese made "heroes" like Karmen rider, Ultra-man and Godzilla when such disasters hit Japan. It was so bad there were these jokes on printed media.

On the other hand, they were some fans who worried about their Japanese AV stars and another group of people worry about their purchases and pre-order in Japan. There were yet another group who rejoice at such disasters so they can get cheaper merchandises such as Anime DVD, games and even toys. For these people who rejoice, please be reminded if Japan is not doing well, you won't be seeing your pre-order stuff at all. That's the end of your "hobbies"!

Come on people, have a heart!

Yet in the mist of this adversity, the Japanese displayed their patience, unity and strength. They didn't panic, they didn't rob or steal when things are chaos but they offer what little they have for each other. They are not in worry of what will happen to the economy but on the life of each other.

I agree on the fact that if the same situation happen to any country (Tsunami and 8.9  magnitude earthquake), the result will be much worst than you and you and I can possible imagine. That including how to handle Nuclear power as well. For the Nuclear part, we can only pray that everything will be alright soon.

The world have very much benefited from Japanese culture and products such as Music, Anime, Movies, TV series, Cosplay, Toys, Food, Technology and much more. Some of which many us are into it but may not have contribute or given them the support or credit their due for (such as "Anime fans", "cosplayers," "gamers", toys collectors, "JPOP fans", "Japanese TV and Movie fans" and etc). Maybe it is time to think about that and do something in return for them.

There are many donation going on on the net and donors need to be vigilant to who and where they are giving it to. I found out that Google actually have a donation for this particular crisis. There are also other sources but that is up to you to decide where and how much to give.

Handling the disaster could be an easy task but it is certainly a long road for rebuilding and recovery. So if you may, offer some understanding if your Japan order happen to be slow or may not come through at all in the following months as they have more important things such as human life to take care of.

To the Japanese thank you for showing us what is the right way to handle such disasters and the beauty of humanity in taking care of fellow countryman even in time of great crisis. It has indeed put some of us to shame.

PS: This post is written for the purpose to show some human social respect for those who are going through the crisis.

Updates: For more information for Contacting & Finding Friends and Family in Japan and donation you can read here by another blogger 2 old 4 Anime.


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