Interview with My Milk Toof

Today I have the honor to have a short interview with the creator of My Milk Toof.

Hi Inhae Lee. Your story is about your two milk tooth, ickle and Lardee. Are those names you given them since your childhood?
No, unfortunately not. Those were names I specifically came up with for the project.

What language was the name of ickle and Lardee and what is the meaning if it has any?
The name is ickle (with an intentional lowercased "i") is what babies say when they try to pronounce "little". Because of their undeveloped speech, they can't quite enunciate the word, so it comes out "ickle".

Lardee, who's plump frame is indeed appropriately named after lard.

How long does it take to make it as a story production from photo taking and publishing?
It varies, depending on the storyline. On average, a story can take two weeks to fully execute, including writing/storyboards, creating props, photography, and editing. When new toof models need to be created, it can add an extra couple days.

I understand there will be a new book " My Milk Toof : The Adventures of ickle and Lardee (My Milk Toof) " coming in March. Are there new materials or a compilation of some of the blog stories?
The upcoming book will feature old stories along with a couple reworked stories, and some brand new ones too.

Early on with the blog I will still experimenting and trying to find the right rhythm of the storytelling and consequently some of the stories were not as strong. However in the book, i've reworked a lot of that material and made it more interesting. Hopefully it will not disappoint!

Will there be any toy of lifesize ickle and Lardee in time to come?
That is a common question i get a lot, and i have every intention to some day create toys out of ickle and Lardee. I'm very particular with any merchandise that comes out, and I especially won't release any toys until the quality can be ensured.

What are your future plan for these milk toof?
For now i will just be focusing on the blog. I will have an online store opening in March that will carry some new merchandise. Aside from that, i'll have to wait to see how the book is received before making any bigger plans.

Will there be other another characters beside these two milk toof like a female character? I assume both are male right? :P
The gender is meant to be neutral, although people tend to assume they're boys. In regards to adding another character, I don't have plans at this time- but you never know :)

A big thank you to Inhae Lee for having this interview with us.

You can buy a copy of "My  Milk Toof" latest book here!


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