Extras Starwars Character Toys

The word "Extras" here is not referring to duplication of figures on Starwars toy although many of us agree on that fact there were multitudes repeated characters in different packaging through out the three decades.

No, the word "Extras" here is referring to the extras in the movie series which some of us may not even have a clue they existed in the first place. These are the lucky ones who appear in the original trilogy for a second or two and now has at least an action figure after them. I am not sure if some of actors are still around but boy are them blessed to be a Starwars toy collection. I hope they get some royalty from these figures tho as a retirement.

Here are some of the figures which came out recently which forgive me if I may for not having recollection which part of the scene they appeared in for some. Some of these information I found on the internet and only from there I have a deeper understanding about them. You know what? Some of their names even being registered as a trademark!

Do you know who they are? Let's start with a easy one. Does the name Dack Ralter mean anything to you?

From the card and figure a regular (not those hardcore ones) Starwars fan will know he is a rebel pilot and since the card stated "Empire Strike Back", he must be a Snowspeeder pilot or something.

Where did he appear in the movie?
Remember the gunner who was behind Luke skywalker? That guy who activate the harpoons on a AT-AT? Yes Dack is the dead hero that got shot and never had a proper burial as the AT-AT stepped on the snowspeeder with him in it. Poor chap. So maybe for dying as a hero and helping to take down a massive AT-AT, he deserved a action figure. After all the toy snowspeeder need a back pilot with Luke. You can read more of Dack Ralter here.

From the "Return of the Jedi" comes Wooof. What? Wooof. Huh? Woof woof?

From the clue of "Return of the Jedi" and his dressing, we know for sure Wooof must be in the scene at Jabba the Hunt if not at the failed execution of Luke skywalker. Through the search on the internet, Wooof actually had a figure back in 1983 by Kenner. No, don't you laugh at his name. It's being trademarked which mean no product should use that name regardless if they are anyone who want to use that type of name in the first place.Well you never as it's kinda cute you know. LOL

On second thoughts, maybe I should retract my word, "Extras" word for the above 2 figures since they had a name.

Here's one who do not have a decent name to himself. He is a Cloud Car Pilot. Who? THE Cloud Car Pilot. Wait, that's his working title but not his real name. Does he has one? Maybe he does but that's not important. Even the card does not have a decent full body shot of him. On the picture of the card, you can't see his entire uniform as he was in a tight tiny Twin Pod vehicle. Must be really uncomfortable but hey! it pay off to have his own action figure.

Why he is so important? Because Twin pod was one (or should I say only one) of the feature vehicle representing the cloud city. In the movie, the pilot seems like patrolling visually regardless how high tech they were. Maybe that's how Lando run the city to keep unemployment low.

Talking about the Twin pod, I remember Kenner had one which was a small toy and there are no 3.75" figure can sit in it but it was a diecast.

Enough of my rant. At the rate this is going, those who worked as extras actor / actresses in the Starwars series will be "immortalize" as an action figure. It's only the matters of time if this keep up. Hopefully in their lifetime they can see this achievements. Perhaps their hope for them as 2012 to 2017 the whole 6 episodes will be remaster to 3D at hit the big screen. So expect to have more redesign, repaint, repackage, renew Starwars toys! It's good for new collectors and old who had missed out some extras.


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