Donation to Japan

In the light of recent events, I have decided to put a section (top right corner) of this blog for those who wanted to make their donation to Japan easier.

Google was kind to provide donation services to any group of charities. Personally I find it is a convenience and peace of mind since it was provided and supported by Google to any choice of charities.

You can give your donation at Google Crisis Response.

In the light of fund raising, Caramelaw is also selling Candylicious set as all of the money collected will be donated to Red Cross for Japan.
The package includes:
- 1 X 2011 Calendar
- 1 Set of postcards (5 designs)
- 1 Set of wrapping papers (4 designs)
- 1 Lanyard
- 1 Set of sticker sets (2 designs)
- 1 Skull sticker
- 2 A2 size posters

for just USD $19.90. Buy and Donate NOW!.

PS: Above is just my recommendation where can you donate should you decide to give.  It is no way compelling you to donate.

I hope Japan will recover soon.


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