Cash Machine Hello Kitty

It was said that everyone love Hello Kitty. Although I am not really a fan, I got this miniature Hello Kitty Cash machine during a sale at a toy department.

The miniature is more to 2" Hello Kitty figurines. Apparently I couldn't see any 2" Hello kitty on sale but just this Cash Machine. I figure out that this Cash Machine could be the left over. It was on sale for SGD $3 and since I have some 2" figure. I went ahead to buy one.

Here is the content when I open the toy. Quality stuff.

There were some stickers given supposedly to paste on the counter as the impression of the goods on sales. I didn't apply it as you know I find it rather Sissy. LOL

There were a instruction sheet that show how to activate the electronic sound of this toy. I never expect there will be such gadget on this simple toy.

I refer the toy as in the diagram of the instruction sheet and true enough there was a battery compartment.

There was a speaker hidden in the table on the front.

The sound will be activated whenever the button of the cash machine is pressed. At the same time, the drawer of the cash machine will slight out automatically. Pretty neat!

There is  also a drawer below the cash machine for you to store some stuff. I have to say the wood surface (not real wood but plastic) and the golden Hello Kitty design just make the whole cash machine gorgeous.

To top it up, there was a coin tray use for presenting the change to the customers without any contact. Classy isn't it?

Guess what? This Cash Machine is a good fit for my OTTi figure! Now OTTi can start his toy business and hopefully earn some real money. OTTi seems to like the Cash Machine but not the Hello Kitty design.

Well once you earn some real money yourself, you can get a new one by yourself, But till then, make do with what you have. A begger is not a chooser. Good luck OTTi. LOL

By the way. notice the 1250 Yen at the display of the cash machine? What do you think 1250 Yen can buy you now? Any decent toy?


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