Capsule Carnival 2011 is here!

The Capsule Carnival has began!
Here are some of the fun stuff that are going on there. Since it's a carnival, they will be games (mostly of luck and skills).

Bull's Eye. How many capsule can you toss into the baskets?

If the capsules you turned has a ticket in it, you get a shot at the Mega Capsule which hold bigger prizes! Behold the Mega Capsule machine!

You can also try your luck on guessing the number of capsule in this box. Only the organizer knows the answer or you can try standing there counting. :P

Some of the capsule available there (while stock last) such as Starwars


The latest Monoeye series (I like! Meow!)

The famous Chopper from One Pieces and lots more!

To be Environment friendly, there will be a recycling center for you to recycle the capsule cover.

Head on down to Compass point Singapore from now till 20 March 2011 and have some fun.

Good luck and I hope you get what you wanted and more! :D


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