Beyblade Metal Fusion

Spinning top game has just got a few level higher. Gone were the days where wooden tops spinned by strings. The Spinning top games has gone to Beyblade, a modern spinning top games that uses science and technology to make it more fun and compete with each other and the latest in town is Metal Fusion!

The toy design begin with starter pack which each "Beyblade" has it's own advantages.

When gamer are more experience, they can get Booster pack consist of the following choices

When I talk about science and technology, I am talking about customizing your own Beyblade and work out a strategy to beat your opponents. You can customize your Beyblade by enhancing the bottom.

If you want to play defensive, here are your choices.

If you want Stamina to out last your opponent Beyblade, you can use these!

Since this series is Metal Fusion, it make sense to add more weight and damage using Diecast Metal parts.

Here are the Attack Metal choices.

Use Metal to raise your defence!

Use Metal parts to gain more stamina.

Player with experience overtime should developed a strategy using their own customization as it is a fair game between Attack, Defense (Balance) and Stamina.

In US this is from Hasbro while in Asia, this is from TakaraTomy. Over in Singapore, Shengtai has host the beyblade WBBA Singapore just a few weeks ago. You can read the activites happening in Singapore for Beyblade at their facebook group.  Isn't that cool?


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