Giveaway Gundam Unicorn Episode 3 Tickets

Open the Toy is proud to giveaway 3 tickets to my readers sponsored by ShengTai Pte Ltd for Gundam Unicorn episode 3 screening on the coming Saturday 5th March 2011, 11am at Bugis Shaw Singapore.

To participate this giveaway, please READ and comply ALL with the following rules as the tickets for the screen is very precious.
  1. You MUST be able to make it for the screening on 5th March 2011 (Sat) and reach the venue no later than 1050am that day at Bugis Shaw in Singapore for the screening. If you are not certain you can make for that 1 hour movie, please refrain yourself from participating in this giveaway as the tickets so to give others who can make it a chance. :)
  2. You MUST be 16 years of age or above.
  3. The winners will need to be at the venue before 1045am to collect the ticket to you. Late comers who came after 11am will be disqualify. 
  4. You must be a fan and Like openthetoy facebook page as facebook is one of the verification to know and notify the winner.
  5. The winners must reply their messages in facebook before 3rd of March 2011 (Thursday) 10pm Singapore time. If the winners does not reply for confirmation then, the ticket will be given to another participants in line. 
  6. If we have more than 3 participants who got the correct answers when the time is up, it will be determine by lucky draw by the owner.
  7. The closing time of this giveaway will end at 2nd March 2011 (Wed), 10pm Singapore time.
  8. Last but not least, put in your correct answer using your facebook at the comment below this blog post for your submission. Login your facebook account to comment by clicking on the button show on the picture below and give your correct answer. Other comment without the facebook account will be disqualify.

Ready? Here's the one and only question winning the ticket for Giveaway Gundam Unicorn Episode 3 Premiere in Singapore!

Which Model suit did NOT appear in the video preview of The Ghost of Laplace below?

Please select one the following on the comment below with your facebook account login. 

Winners will be notify before 3rd March 2011. Good luck!


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