Dragonball Kaioken Son Goku

This is one of my favorite. The Son Goku before he turn into Super Saiyan. This version was the time he use his newly mastered Kaioken (界王拳) against Vegeta so Goku look rather reddish.

This SD figure capture the essence of Goku mastering all his might using Kaioken.

Kaioken is a skill that instantly increases the user power and speed at the expense of one body. Goku on the whole has to endure not only 10 times the gravity when he execute Kaioken but 20 and 30 times more when he has to match Vegeta. That expression was well presented on this toy.

The figure has some nice details of one of my favorite was Goku hair. It is one hairstyle that even in real life no one can has a convincing hair do of Goku.

There is one detail error though. That period of Goku versus Vegeta, Goku should be having the Kaio logo on his chest rather than one of his own name.

Together with Kulilin, Gohan and Goku, they are the strong Z fighters.

However even the powerful heroes have to take a step back not to offend Bulma. Truthly never mess with a woman unless you want some trouble. :P

So that conclude the collection that I have for this series in my personal collection.

Cast your vote as which should be the best of this series. :D


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