Ultra Seven Ultra-Act Review

After Ultraman and Belial, I thought I would not get another Ultraman but I ended getting myself the Ultra Seven from the Ultra-Act series.

First reason was beside the classic Ultraman, Ultra Seven was the next in line which I catch the TV series in the 1980s on TV. After seeing much of the preview photos, I decided to get one for myself.

Like the previous Ultra-Act series, the box have the same format just that the characters were different. I am not complaining as it is all about consistency and cost saving.

The 3 features of Ultra-Act series at the back of the box simply give the reason of what so special and value for Ultra-Act figure. It is good looking, Articulated/pose-able and comes with many accessories.

Time to Open the Toy!

Ultra Seven although have a slimmer box, it has many accessories. Just take a look for yourself.

Just look at the number of hands they gave.

They did a great job of making the facial likeness of Ultra Seven.

Now we all know Ultra Seven was one of the first use the blade on his head as a weapon and this toy actually did the same as TV.

Beside the blade that come on the head of the figure (on your right handside of the picture below),  there were another blade just for him to use as a weapon (your Left).

The beauty of the blade it can be use as a melee weapon...

or it can be used as a long range weapon by throwing the blade to the enemies...

Speaking about long or mid range attack, Ultra Seven can use his ray on is forehead. Note the pair of hand which comes with the figure.

You can add the fine green plastic as the green ray coming from his forehead's crystal...

When all else failed, there will be the classical beam from his hands.

Even Ultra Seven beam seems bigger than the classic Ultraman's finishing move. Does that mean more deadly?

It is good to have the brothers to support for the review

So can they show us how they transform from human to Ultraman.

Wait a minute...Ultra Seven never use a test pen for transformation!

Ah yes! Ultra Seven uses a specs/goggle to transform.

Here's a video of the transformation in various movie across different era...

Seems like Ultraman has something for Ultra Seven

That was one question  I was asking myself too in the last movie...


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