Transformers Animated Jetfire & Jetstorm

It's a new year and I finally got the time to do some backdated review. I have been waiting for Transformers Animated Jetfire and Jetstorm for quite sometime for a right price and I was lucky to pick the TakaraTomy version at one of the STGCC 2010 booth.

In the animation, Jetfire and Jetstorm are both Autobot Elite Guard Junior officers which were doing their tour of duty.

There are only a handful of Autobot that take flight and Jetfire and Jetstorm are one of those. The deluxe boxart give a good illustration of the toy in action at the back of the cards.

The back of the card also indicate the gimmick of the toy such as Plane to Robot and the combine mode.

Jetfire and Jetstorm are one of those figure you have to buy both of it as a set as it can achieve the combine mode.

Time to open the toy!

At the plane mode, both toy look a like and only the color theme different...

As a flight mode, it offer a combination of the Jet mode. However first off you need to do the following. Turn the jet upside down and flip the chest piece.

Carefully place the jet on top of each other.

Jet combination Completed!

Now we move on to Jet transformation mode to Robot mode. Following the following steps in the photo.

Done! Here's Jetfire which look very much like the Monkey king. :P

Especially the head. Here's a close up!

And here's JetStorm which remind me of Robocop.

Seems like Jetstorm is upset. Here's something to details to review. The Autobot Elite Guard logo found on JetStorm leg armor.

Here's the manufacturing logo on the leg of Jetstorm. Honestly, I love the paint TakaraTomy did on Jetstorm for the metal chrome coat.

And here's the combine mode of both of them!

The combination of the twin result in bigger stature with Jetfire on the left and Jetstorm on the right.

The punches are bigger than before.

Beware of his punches Decepticon!

It pay off well to be patient for waiting out to have these twin for total of S$40 instead of S$70!


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