Student look Son Gohan

I cannot put my hand to get a appropriate title for this figure of Gohan. It was the third time Gohan changed his hair style and this is not his own will but his mother.

He was on the mission to planet Nemak to ask for help and his mother insist him to dress proper as a representative of planet earth. To Gohan's mother, Chi Chi, this was like a school excursion. Just look at Gohan's attire.

With the bowl/bob like neat haircut. Note the mark on the head of this figure by the maker.

Backpack school bag,

big water bottle (some call it canteen)...

and a short pant with proper socks and shoes.

Doesn't that give you the impression of going for school outing?

Wanting to please his mother, Gohan submit out of obedience. After all, he was still just a shy and kind kid.

But poor Gohan never knew the hard time Bulma will be giving to him on the way to Planet Nemak.

As I was doing this review, some of my childhood memory of how I dress up to go to school come to mind. I too had to carry a big backpack bag and a water bottle.

Every Sunday morning my mother would iron my school uniform while I paint my white school shoe with white Kiwi. At Sunday night I would have pack my school bag and filled my water bottle full to the brim ready for the Monday morning rush to school. Such memories is kind of a bitter sweet. Bitter as some hard work involve and sweet as it was a more carefree days with the support and love from my parents.

Does this figure bring back some your schooling memories as well when your mother is in-charge?


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