Metro Man Mcdonald Happy Meal Toy

Every city need a Hero and in the Metro City in Megamind movie, Metro man is that hero. Dressed in white and neat hair cut, Metroman representing everything thing that is good and justice with his well built figure.

Metro Man stood out from the rest of the Megamind Happy meal toys as he is clean and white. The package stated the action it can be done on this figure.

The toy itself comes with some Megamind stickers.

The figure do look nice but the switch at the back which kinda spoil the look of the toy.

It was none other but the back switch that was sticking out.

The design allow any kids to control the action of Metro Man punches from side to side by the thumb or finger.

Now let's talk about the detail. First we need to take a look at the movie version of Metro man.

With the above picture let's look at the face of Metro Man toy. Something isn't right? Yes the look of the face doesn't seems to be resemble the movie version...

The M look great on TV and the toy version isn't that bad either...

Looking at this Metro man from Mcdonald with the letter M let me think otherwise. LOL

What else M is for?


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