Dragonball-Z Space Suit Bulma

Since it's the beginning of the year, it's time to do some Dragonball Tuesday again at this blog. I managed to get some Dragonball-Z World Collector Series 2 and it's time for me to do some review on these cute figurines.

I love non-blind box toys as it saved a lot of time and heartache to indicate what it is we are buying in the box. The box also shows the others characters in the series.

As popular as this series is, I was aware there was quite a number of bootleg going around. One of the way to look out is the original sticker.

While others could be the printing of the quality of the box art. If you have a gut feel it is bootleg, chances are you are right.

Now to open the toy!

The figure comes in 3 separated parts wrap neatly in the box.

Within a few seconds, Space Suit Bulma is all done!

If you are a follower of Dragonball, you will know this look of Bulma was the time Bulma, Kullin and Gohan made a trip to planet Namek to resurrect the Dragonball on earth.

Although the figure look cute, many fine details were left out. Details such as the Capsule Corp logo on the boots.

Capsule Corp logo on the helmet and name tag on the suit are missing.

Nevertheless, they make up with a good expression of Bulma.

The figure look good in all angles.

The sole of the base has a original mark of Banpresto.

If you are wondering if the Helmet can be put on, the answer is No(Although I hope it can be done)... Just look at the base of the helmet which is sealed.

Overall, this Spacesuit Bulma still look good as a 3 inches figurine with good expression capture.

Will Bulma be alone on her mission? Let's find out next week on Dragonball Tuesday!

Do you like this Bulma?


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