Did anyone missed Atari?

Many today know Atari as a gaming company and he/she is right. But back in the late 1970s and early 1980s when you mention Atari, people will remember this game console. Back then wooden design was in.

I was counted as one of the fortunate kid that have a well-to-do cousin who owned this console back in those days. On that few occasion when I was visiting, I played the games such as Pac-man, Pong and Space invaders. I was so excited as the game was exactly the same as those in the arcade then.

The one thing that stand out is the Joystick. It was one of the kind.

On my recent visit in the toy department, I saw the same joystick. Fascinated, I approached and examine the box. True enough, it was Atari!

The new console is integrated the Atari system in the Joystick and all you got to do is just to plug into the TV and start playing

The game in the console includes Centipede, Gravitor, Missile Command, Adventure, Cirus Atari, Pong, Asteroids, Breakout and much more!

It was the days when simple graphic and fun game play. Given the price tag of SGD $39.90, do you think it will be a hot seller for the older generation to relive their childhood or these games are too simply for you?


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