Hasbro DeluxeTomahawk Autobot Review (Hunt of the Decepticons)

In the world of Transformers, only a handful of Autobots rule the sky, what more it has to be good looking Autobot? Tomahawk is one of them.

As a selective collector for Transformers, I will first go for the vehicle mode if it is appealing to me. Second would be the look when it is in robot mode and finally the price factor. In the case of Tomahawk, it exceeded all these 3 points! I got it for half of the price as he was on offer.

Time to Open the Toy!

Franky, I don't remember Tomahawk in Generation one transformers but the design and the color of the armor Helicopter already won me over. Tomahawk only have 2 missiles as accessories which will be great for kids but not me.

I am glad they do away those metal wire binders and use paper ropes now. Easy to throw away and friendly for the environments for recycling.

Tomahawk look great as the helicopter fully loaded and armed ready to take on the Decepticons.

The design of the helicopter look fast and modern in some ways.

In vehicle form design instantly remind me of Transformers Animated Leadersize Megatron as they are both similar in design in some ways.

As a toy, you can insert the missiles in the missile launcher.

Press the cache and the missile will just fire off due to the spring mechanism. For vehicle mode, I give it 4.5 stars upon 5!

Time to transform to robot mode!

The transformation to Robot mode is pretty tricky for beginners but it is well worth the transformation.

Here's how the hands was transform.

In robot mode, Tomahawk is good and youthful looking.

Personally I love his head.

In robot mode, the tail of the helicopter turned into a weapon. Snipe Snipe!

Tomahawk is good looking as he is deadly.

If the Vehicle and Robot mode have not attract you enough, here is the hidden Easter egg. Since this Autobot can transform as Flight vehicle and Robot, I was wondering if he can do half of each like Macross and this figure offer that!

Some how this remind me of Mech warrior too!

Transformers Tomahawk is a fun toy which offer great features! I am glad to have him on discount! :D

Is Tomahawk your cup of tea?


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