Bandai Thundercats Toys coming

It is not really a new news but many like me are waiting for the new ThunderCats cartoon to roll out this year! This time, the ThunderCats look more anime as ever. I still like the old design though as they look ahead of their time back then which still look great today. Anyway here's how the new ThunderCats look like.

As there will be cartoons, so there will be toys! At the London Toy Fair, Bandai showcase their new ThunderCats toys and the photo get to the internet. I was very excited to see the toys!

The toys include the Sword of Omens (I WANT!), some 3 3/4-inch action figures (thunderCats and their trustworthy vehicle that they didn't (thank God) change much of the old design as far as I can see. I was informed that there will be 8-inch toyline which retain the old design for the ThunderCats. Another good reason to say, ThunderCats...HO!!!!

Meanwhile you can join the Thundercats Toy page for more updates of Thundercats toys on facebook. :)


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