Tron Legacy toys in Singapore!

Before the movie actually hit our Singapore theaters, Tron toys have already hit our toy departments.

Tron, a classic and yet futuristic movie during his days where Neo light was something really cool. It was a kind of "3D" using visual of the lines for some old gaming machine in arcade...Although I have no recollection was there such arcade machine but there was Tron arcade machine in the market in 1982.

The new movie begin with the main character Sam (yes Sam again as like the dude in Transformers. Can't they think of another name Hollywood?) falling into the virtual world. It must be some kind of fall as the toys did make him into a falling pose...Kinda remind me of the Matrix.

Sam was like saying, "Oh I'm falling into the virtual world and I am coming to save you dad!".

Beside such miniature figure which look good on office desk, there were the 6-7" figures of the character that come with their set of weapons, lights and sound with movie lines.

For this Sam figure, it will light up a 3D facial of the character talking with lines of the movie with changing faces appear to mimic a holographic feel. A nice try.

There were also "life-size" weapon of Tron for kids to role play and the light vehicles which some are a RC vehicle toys. However the bigger figures can't really seems to fit in and there wasn't a vehicle for it's size.

Now I only hope the movie is good.


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