STGCC 2010 Review: Toys

The event I was waiting on is here. Singapore Toys Comic and Games Convention 2010!

As the event covers various aspect of Toys, Comics and game pop culture, I will put this post mainly on Toys.  STGCC continue to offer various toys for various collectors. Here are some snap shots to show you various toys.

Western Comic Toys
In brightest day, in blackest night,I was glad to see some of the exclusive toys on sales at various booth such as this Green Lantern's pack.

There are various shops that is selling 12 inches movie accurate Hot Toys Ironman and one of those is Action City.

No doubt this year there was no Lego but there were fan made display at 501 legion booth of the Rebel hanger

I bet there are quite a number of fans for Alien vs Predator and there are various toys on that as well!

Some old school reissue toys like Master of the Universe from Mattel are on sale there.

How about Marshmallow man from the pop culture Ghostbusters?

What about these cute Batman and Joker?

Lastly not forgetting Transformers toys which I bought a few of them at the event.

Japanese Toys
For Japanese toys fans, there are equal share of bargains of Japanese toys to look and buy like Nenodroid, figma, Alter, Max factory or even Bandai.

Talking about Bandai. There are loads of Gashapon machine at STGCC!

There even selling bleach ichigo's zanpakuto there!

Revoltech on the whole was on great discount too!

Designers Toys
Unlike conventional toys driven by cartoons or Anime. Designer toys are more on the creative side and great for display.

At Action City, I found the event exclusive crossover of Be@brick and Uglydolls. Do remember this is a limited version.

There were others such as Be@brick like this Batman Be@brick

There were plenty of Uglydolls plush too on sale at Action City too.

Domo return with series 2 which come with different texture.

Qee went bling bling.

Plastic Culture featuring their new range of designers toys too!

Then there are Devilrobots!

Not forgetting Gloomy To-Fu exclusive also Project Singa.

Trexi Sponge bob

Care bears Trexi

and the normal looking Care Bears which is cute too!

So if you are a toy collectors, there will be wide range of toys to browse and to buy in STGCC 2010.

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