STGCC 2010 Trexi Exclusive

For this year STGCC 2010, it has it's own figurine using Trexi design with it's metallic striking Red and White.

The color was catchy and the design was simple. Having a Trexi design, it offers a fair amount of articulation

To keep the figurines stable, the board feet play an important role. One of them is to imprint the logo at their feet.

Even though the event has gone over to Reed Pop, the icon logo remain the same and it was printed on the Trexi's chest.

The red stripe design goes all way back and wording were printed vertically.

This STGCC2010 Trexi was one of the first I tell myself to get as a souvenir to this event. I got this figure for just S$10.00 and that gave me another to get it.

He look great standing beside my OTTi. Don't you think so?


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