STGCC 2010 Review: Comics

One of the main highlight of this year STGCC would be the emphasis of Comics which was the first time in Singapore. We have artists of big names from Marvel and DC.

Opportunities like this never happen often and many long time comics fans are truly looking forward to meet up in person with their comic artist and get their autograph on their comic book collections.

Most of the artists were spread out on different day and times and when I was there, Ms Gail Simone, the writer of DC comic was at the autograph session. There are some fans asking her questions while she was signing their autographs.

Beside Ms Gail Simone was Ivan Brandon another famous writer for DC Comic listening and answering some of his fans questions.

Matt Fraction an award-winning American comic book writer has his signature on the Marvel booth.

Marvel was giving out posters for the artist to sign on. A very welcome move actually.

There are also wide range of Comic books on sale at G&B Comic booth and some even highlight the various artist in the book so the customers can on the spot purchase it and request the artist for signature.

At the event, there was an introduction to a pencil brush which some of the artist are demonstrating what it can do.

When I was there, the comic artist Leinil Yu was busying meeting the fans and giving out his autographs. He was friendly and have lots of fans.

Now if you think comic fans are more for the older people, let the following photo show you a different point of view.

Yes, the fans are not only male but ladies and even expecting mother!

Not forgetting there are younger generation who are inspired to be an comic artist too! So comic is not an old thing. Dream that dream and walk toward it I say!

Personally I give a thumb up for the comics section this year for STGCC.  Good Job!

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