SDX Ryuso-Ryubi Gundam

SDX for Gundam has been around for sometime and finally it has begin to release the Sangokuden.

For this series, the first surely is for Ryubi. Ryuso-Ryubi Gundam.
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The presentation of the figure was neatly arrange as I open the toy.

Unlike the regular model kit, SDX offer changing of character expression which is mainly the eye.

Ryubi comes with 3 weapons just like the story

Here's a close up shot on the facial expression before I start changing it.

To change the expression, here is how it is done.

You can attached a stand on his back in order to carry his weapon.

Time for him to display his weapons

One of which according the the Anime is a legendary sword which started out looking ordinary...

but on Ryubi's hand, it transform to the emperor's sword!

On my Ryubi, it can transform further! XP

If you are wondering where that special translucent sword came from, it was an Asia exclusive which was not for sale that currently offer when purchase this SDX figure (While stock last).

I personally felt this is way cooler than the golden one that come with the figure.

The figure allow you to take off some of it's armor and here how Ryubi look like without most of his armor.

SDX is famous for parts made out of die-cast metal and these are the part which is die-cast metal. The chest armor and his feet.

Coming to the point, which of the sword look better? Gold or translucent?

If you are a Sangokuden fan, this is one playable figure you got to have for the weight, coloring and the painting. It is not as flimsy as the model kit version and it certainly better to pose and play with.


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