Recap on 2010

As we are only few days away from the end of 2010, I felt it is a good time to do short recap on Open the Toy.

I did a series of vintage toys from my childhood like the parachute troopers, Paper ball, Propeller Top,Ding Dang Snacks. It was the time I started to collect zodiac Doreamon set from McDonalds and a failed attempted to restore Yoshiba's hair and my old Alien from a trade paper box.

I received a Delorean Hotwheel as a gift from Saurmon and my blog received a Geek Award. Haviing the Chinese New year mood, I did some design for Angbao (red Packet for Anime lover).

For the first time, I did a review on my wife childhood collection, the Nancy dressing games while I assemble my first 1/48 Gundam review for that Megasize model kit!

March was much of review and recap some of my vintage cards and stickers. We have a Gundam Unicorn screening for Episode 1 ticket and mousepad giveaway.

Later I accquired my first S.H.Figuarts Super Saiyan Son Goku and I have the privilege to interview Hexlord who are good in taking some of the breath taking cosplay photograph.

April was generally a OTTi month. I introduced my first customize figure, OTTi colored by Ant Size man with free iPhone wallpaper of my toys photography. OTTi get to have his own Gundam Cosplay all thanks to Janus and a cross over version of OTTi who meet Pink Poodle.

My friend shared with us his decade old Omega Prime. It was the first time Pullip was introduce and also feature caramlaw who did her own Pollip dolls .

I started the month featuring my 2 decades old the Real Ghostbusters and ecto 1 and interview with Caramlaw a designers and customiser of Pullip dolls.

I was invited to join Hexlord for a cosplay photoshot of Good Smile racing of Miku Hatsune done by the sweet Ami. While another artist did a OTTi beyond version.

Eight cute Smurfs made his way from US to me and it rekindled my love for these cute little blue creatures again, some precious gifts by Dutch purple rabbit and Son GoKu One Piece crossover a gift from my friend who also visited Gundam Cafe in Japan and my old Kim Possible figure.

Beside playing color Tamagotchi iD, I have taken my time to decal of 1/48 Gundam and did a impressive outdoor shot of him. Toward end of the month, Project M, a project with cutebucket to do a customised Doll kicked off.

The 1/48 Gundam was on display at ToyRus Singapore credit to Dennis who help me with the painting and Project M doll making continue for Cutebucket.

I reviewed a set of old classic Hercules toys from Mcdonald's happy meal. My order of Dragonball Candy toys came and I started to review the Scouter, Trunkz Sword and a dragonball gashapon figure Digital grade Trunkz.

I started the month with reporting of Mascot Parade event and how we ourselves having our own mini mascot parade.

As for gift, Chubbybot done a outstanding custom SD Gundam for me, Eclectorama done a OTTi cover for me and Gundam Cafe Coaster from Japan.

Got my hand on the Ultraman from Ultra-act and it was love at first sight. Have sometime on my hand and did a outdoor shoot for my smurfs and work on RG Gundam RX-78-2.

I did a interview with Ngee Khiong a blogger who provide daily Gundam news when he visited Singapore. Did my first ever MG Kamen Rider W and got myself a set of cute Mono eyes keychain from Gundam. Did a exclusive Woody and Buzz lightyear  from Revoltech since I acquired them that month

For giveaway that month, Hasbro gave me some Monopoly giveaway in line with their campaign in Singapor while Gundam Fiesta program manager gave 3 preview tickets to my readers. As for gift, I got a S.I.C Fariz kamen rider.  

Kick off with Gundam Fiesta event  and got a "bed" for my RG Gundam. I was very fortunate to have a professional artist who work with big names to do a version for OTTi.

Got my first every Enterbay Hongkong comic wind and cloud figure, Figma Black shooting star, Son Gohan from S.H.Figuarts and Rodimus from Transformers Animated TakaraTomy.

I conducted an interview with a professional comic artist, Elmer Damaso and attended the Episode 2 Gundam Unicorn screening. While the Iron man collartible exhibition was in town, Ngee Khiong decided to close down his blog.

As for toys I did a review on  Ironman Mark 01 from the movie, D-style ingram 1, the ever popular villain of Ultraman Belial, Beginning Gundam and HiNu model kit, some of my old Slam Dunk cards and a Hallow mask from Bleach for Halloween.


Working with Play Imaginative for Project Singa for a Giveway to all Singapore readers of my blog. The Project Singa Exhibition was a great success. While my two Ultraman were fighting among themselves,  Fake and Bootleg Nendo and Gundam.

The first week I visited Toy Carnival which set the pace for STGCC 2010 which I consider the year end big bang event for toys in Singapore. I get to see the toys, US marvel comic artist and latest online games! Did a interview with Singapore award winning Model kit Guru, Leon Ku and finally got my hand on my Green Android toy!

Toward Christmas I have my own Nokia app (its free!) and received some generous gift by Play Imaginative.

So all in all I have to say 2010 was an eventful and fruitful year.Don't you agree?


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