My Toy Carnival 2010 @ SAM 8Q review

Last Sunday I popped by Toy Carnival to take the opportunity to meet up some toys friends and hope to see some toys good deals.

At the front of the entrance, I saw STGCC offering great bundle prices on the tickets which create more interest to the browsing public.

Next I saw a impressive display that amaze the general public by one-Sixth-warriors

First that captured my attention was Cobra Commander on his cobra Throne!

A figure that didn't seems to fit with the loads of US heroes was Ip Man. A lttle girl was so excited to see IP Man and quickly sounded to her parents which were surprise to see a good looking Ip Man figure as well.

Talking about kids, there were a couple of activities at the Carnival for kids. Like free balloons that come with every requested design by a colorful character.

* Even Rin the Vocaloid also in quene to get a balloon!

There are also free workshop on Origami, Japanese paper craft which is one of the activities there.

G&B comic was there with quite a good range of comic on sales.

Now back to toys. There were lots of good bargains that day from Falcon Hanger and other vendors
Some were custom toys too like the Ironman

The toys include Transformers...Spotted Takara Tomy hasbro Ultimate Bubblebee with great metallic paint job.

Starwars on great discount...

For Japanese toys there were Revoltech which include the ever suggestive adult theme, Queen blade.

The hot selling products from Good Smile Racing at Rapid Culture's booth

I spotted a Hotwheels Ecto1 but it was way pricy for me.

My friend Hexlord got quite a good items but for me I didn't buy anything that day. Not that there isn't any good bargain items but I am on a tight budget this month for Christmas shopping.

Overall it's a good event to gather all the toys friends. It certainly set the tone for the coming STGCC 2010 in a few day time.

Here's the review of Dennis's Toy Carnival who visited earlier than me that day.


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