My Green Android Toy

After having an Android phone for close to a year, I finally get a hold of a Android toy. Thanks to Andrew Bell the designer and creator of this toy, Android fan finally can own one of their own.

Despite Android toys having various design, what most fan wanted is the simple and original green Android and finally there is the supply of the Standard Green in the Standard Edition.

As there are many Bootleg Android in the market due to demand, I was quite conscious to get an Original. If you are interested to know how to spot a bootleg, you can read here over at the official post.

Anyway this Standard Edition come with this packaging

Things I notice the original would be the texture of the box which have some 3D texture of the Android pattern and when you open the toy you will see a Aluminum foil wrapping with Androids design on it.

Time to Open the Toy!

At the side, you will notice the leg of the feet are rectangle to give good balance to the toy.

At the back of the Android, is where the embedded wording are imprinted.

The head and both arms are movable and it make Android look alive!

The other time when I was introducing Android figure, some pointed out it look like R2D2 from Starwars. A part from the head is kinda semi circle, there are not much in common. I don't think the R2 units are running on Android system either. LOL

Since we are at the topic of Starwars...

And in case someone mistaken Android for a recycling bin. He is not! Maybe Wall.E is and I don't think he run on Android too!

Here are 3 reasons why I get this Android toy.

1. I am using an old Android phone for over a year and very satisfy with it. Plus Google support it too. See how great this toy look beside my Android phone?

2. The Android toy look great with my OTTi! Both Green!

3. There are well known supporter of Android.

Need I say more? You can get this over at or at Play-asia which I got mine... while stock last!


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