My 2010 Top 10 Toys

As I did a count down of my favourite toys in 2009, I find it is a good tradition to continue. So I will list the top 10 list of the toys I review on this blog this year.

Note: Some in the list may not be new toys but they are the ones I open and review it as a toy for 2010 and purely my own opinion. :)

10. Woody and Buzz from Revoltech Toy Story

I know I shouldn't have put these two toys together but apparently to me these two seems like an item from the same maker, so I would give the position to the both of them.

9. Enterbay Wind 聂风. and Cloud 步驚云

Finally a decent toys from the Hongkong comic I used to read in the 1990s. Nonetheless they can be better in terms of design and pose. In the comic they are in separable so these position they will share it too.

8. S.H.Figuarts Super Saiyan Son Goku

It took Bandai a long time to produce a Dragonball toy that fit the Manga Son Goku. Sadly the line of S.H.Figuarts of Dragonball doesn't seem to sell as idea as they predicted and the fate of the Dragonball toy line now hang in the tread... I do hope they will release more Manga accurate pose-able characters of Dragonball.

7. MG Kamen Rider W

Rider kick! Who would ever thought a Kamen rider will look so good in Model kit? Thanks to the design of Kamen Rider W, this close to 12" figure with good articulations was a break through in history. Best part it doesn't need much coloring so this is for me. LOL

6. Figma Black Rock Shooter

The only way I know about Black Rock Shooter was some cosplayer photo I took and liking her blue flame eyes and her black star jacket, I bought the figma figure. Sadly the toy only look nice with the sword but the big gun she couldn't really balance well. If it is not for those metal chain, this figure may have exchange position with the MG Kamen Rider W.

5. Ultraman from Ultra-Act

Ultraman finally got himself some justice to have a decent action figure. When I saw the news of this figure, I know I got to have him. Apart from some loose joint after some intensive playing, I have no complain of this toys.

4. Transformers Movie Legend Ravage

In my toy collection, scales is important to me and there are only a handful Transformers movie figure I find interesting and Ravage was one of them. However I needed a one smaller in scale to match my other Transformers movie toys and when I saw it, I know I got to have it. However if you asked me between the G1 Ravage or this movie version, I would choose G1 any other day and twice on Sunday.

3. Freiza's / Saiyan Scouter

I am not a cosplayer but in my younger days when I was full blast into Dragonball, having a Scouter seems to be the way to go. Although have feel the KI is more essential but scouter is always cool! From then on, I have been searching high and low for one and finally I got hold of one. So he is in position 3!

2. 1/48 Mega Size Gundam

Building this Megasize Gunpla was already a cool experience as for the first time no clipper is being use and yet I can get a clean cut. Thanks to Dennis for a good spraying the paint, this piece was on display at ToyRus Singapore for quite sometime. A Gunpla that I play most of the time by posing it around.

1. Belial from Ultra-Act

Never have in my wildest dream to think of a Ultraman went bad and none look as cool as Belial. He is one of my favorite this year and what's more in the survey done on my blog, he was well liked. So the Top position should be awarded to him.

So that's the top ten of my list of toys that I owned this year. I have to say its a good year for my hobby but maybe not so for my wallet. XP


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