Elmo and Cookie Monster Puppet

Today I am going to share two of the toys I bought for my son. What make playtime fun would be having Puppet to tell stories, do some funny actions to capture the attention of the child. It is a great tool to interact too. When come to Puppet, I only can think of Jim Henson creation, Sesame Street.

First on my list, Cookie Monster.

Cookie Monster get his name as he love munching cookies. Cover with thick blue fur, this friendly monster is adorable in his own ways.

To control the Puppet, you simply slip your hand in there and control the mouth movement. You will need to use your wrist to control the head. You can only control his hands too using your fingers.

To make the puppet more alive, you may have to change your voice to mimic Cookie monster low pitch voice. Here's a music video that you can practice with. It's "C is for Cookie" a hit number of Cookie Monster.

Cookie monster is one of the first batch of puppet in Sesame streets as long as I can remember. In the show, his eye will be rolling about whenever he shake his head but this puppet doesn't do that.
Nevertheless it is still a cool looking Cookie Monster, a younger cookie monster. :P

Here's another Puppet I got for my son as it is boring to have one Muppet. It is none other than Elmo , the younger generation of Puppet that took over the whole show.

There was a time that Elmo causes a phenomenal with his Elmo song.

Now he get his own television show called Elmo's world.

Anyway back to the Puppet of Elmo I got. This Elmo look rather fat if you asked me.

But it can't be help as when the hand is inserted, the neck is simply fat...

The mouth take more effort to open it but a few practice should be alright.

Among this two puppet, my son actually like Elmo more than Cookie Monster but I like Cookie monster more. LOL

I got these two puppets on offer from ToyRus in Singapore.

The deal is good right? Puppets are great fun with kids of course that cause lot of creative juice to use Puppets to interact with kids but it's worth it.


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