Christmas GIveaway RG RX78-2

A few more day and Christmas will be here. I am not santa clause but I have sponsor who wanted to give this special gift worth more than SGD $40++ to one of the lucky reader of this blog in Singapore!

It's a Real Grade RX78-2 sponsor by Shengtai!

Here's the four simple rules you must compile in order to get this giveaway. Failure to comply in any one of the rules will be disqualify during collection even if you win the giveaway.

1. This giveaway will be happening in my facebook page so you have to Like and be a fan of the page. This is for me to know who you are in person.

2. You have to be in Singapore to collect the gift from me on Christmas day.

3. The giveaway will end at 24th of December 2010 at 11pm Singapore time. So stand by and check your message on facebook account and reply me the soonest. I hope to giveaway this gift on Christmas day!

4. Most importantly, collection venue and time will be at my convenience which will be at a West Mrt of my choice. So be prepare as it will likely be in the morning before 1pm.

If the agree with the 4 rules above, here's a thing you can do.

Leave comment on my facebook page on the thread of why you want this RG Gundam as a gift and the one with the most Like post of his answer will get this as a gift. So you can either write something very good to get supporter or get your friends to support you.

So have fun!


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