Caramlaw at STGCC 2010

Remember sometime this year I interviewed Caramlaw an artist who like to draw candy design drawings and did a great job in customizing pullip's dolls? Well she had a booth in STGCC 2010! How cool is that?

I was glad to meet her in person and when visiting her booth at J36, I was very much attracted by the candies surrounding.

On the small table at the Artist Alley, you can see her Pullip dolls which half of it was reserved while another half was for adoption. Why the dolls sold out so fast? I was told that one visitor from Japan like the dolls so much she bought 3 of them.

When I was there, she was opening up a doll to add on somethings.She very skillful and she is indeed opening the toy. :P

All of the dolls she do painting, costume making and sometime the doll packaging from sketch!

*The maker and the doll

Beside doing dolls, she did a number of products using her well loved artwork such as poster

Stickers, postcard, Calendar and even wrapping paper which sell very quickly due to the design and the affordable prices.

For me I love the lanyard which was one of the best selling one. :)

If you are there, show her your support to this local artist at boothJ36 and get her autograph on your products too!

Isn't her work cool? You can follow her on her facebook!


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