What to expect at STGCC 2010

On 10 - 12 December 2010, Singapore will be wrapping the year with a blast of event of Toys, Games and Comic! It's STGCC 2010 and it will be Bigger with vast varieties for all the fans. Here are what is going to happen during the 3 days event.

Talent Scouting by Marvel Comics
C.B. Cebulski, pop culture stalwart and Marvel Comics' international talent scout will be attending STGCC! Crisscrossing the globe on the hunt for the best and brightest new artists the world has to offer, C.B. will be on the lookout for the comic world’s newest star at this year’s show.

Autographs, Live Sketching and Panel Sessions by STGCC Celebrity Guests

Fans will get the chance to meet and greet with their favourite comic writers, illustrators, cartoonists and toy designers from across Asia, Europe and the US at STGCC’s Walk of Fame. With autographing, “live” sketching and panel sessions, it will be a huge opportunity for fans to interact with our celebrity guests.

Comic writers/illustrators

Alex Maleev
Comic book illustrator best known for his work on the Marvel Comics series Daredevil (vol. 2) with writer Brian Michael Bendis. Other works include Alien vs. Predator, Batman: No Man's Land, Superman vs. Predator, and Hellboy: Weird Tales.

* Art by Alex Maleev

C.B. Cebulski (Guest of Honour)
Cebulski serves as Marvel Comics’ international talent scout crisscrossing the globe hunting for the best and brightest new artists the world has to offer.

David Llyod (Sponsored by GnB Comics)
British sequential artist famed for creating the internationally successful V for Vendetta with Alan
Moore. His works include Hellblazer, Aliens, Philip Marlowe, Global Frequency, War Stories and his most recent graphic novel is the acclaimed crime thriller, Kickback.

Esad Ribic
Comic book artist whose works include Marvel Comics’ Loki, Cable, Uncanny X-Men Annual, Ultimate XMen, Silver Surfer: Requiem, and Sub-Mariner: Depths.

Gail Simone (Guest of Honour)
Comic writer critically respected for her work in Action Comics, The All-New Atom, Justice League
Confidential, and Wonder Woman, and best known for her team books, villain-centric Secret Six and
female-espionage team Birds of Prey.

Giuseppe Camuncoli
Illustrator whose most notable titles include Spider-Man's Tangled Web, Batman, Jonah Hex, The
Incredible Hulk, and The Death of Dracula. Currently working on Marvel hit Dark Wolverine and Vertigo milestone series Hellblazer.

Harvey Tolibao
Comic book illustrator who drew for Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic by Dark Horse Comics, and Marvel titles such as Darkhawk, Ultimate X-Men, Avengers Initiative, and Psylocke.

Ivan Brandon
Writer of titles such as Doc Savage, Nemesis, Batman: Streets of Gotham, and Final Crisis: Escape for DC Comics and Secret Invasion: Home Invasion, Deadpool Team-Up and Machine Man for Marvel Comics.

Leinil Yu
Comic artist known for his work in titles like Wolverine, X-Men, New Avengers, and Marvel's 2008 Epic: Secret Invasion for Marvel and Superman: Birthright for DC Comics.

Salvador Larroca (Guest of Honour)
Illustrator for Marvel’s Ghost Rider, Captain America, Iron Man, Uncanny X-Men, Spider-Man: House of M, Ultimate Daredevil and Elektra. Recently worked with Matt Fraction on The Invincible Iron Man.

Sonny Liew
Eisner-nominated comic artist and creator of Malinky Robot who spearheaded Southeast Asian Comics Anthology Liquid City Volumes 1 and 2 (Image Comics). Liew is also a recipient of the Singapore Young Artist Award 2010.

Tan Eng Huat 
Eisner Award-winning artist whose works include The Silver Surfer, Ghost Rider, The Punisher, Batman, and the recently-launched Thor: First Thunder.

Phil Ortiz
Phil is a five-time Emmy winning animator who designed about 200 of The Simpsons characters. Three of his five Emmys were for his work on Jim Henson’s Muppet Babies animated series.

Phil Yeh
Known as the Godfather of the American Graphic Novel, Phil founded Cartoonists across America The World in 1985 and painted a mural in The Library of Congress with former US First Lady Barbara Bush.

Toy designers
Tim Tsui
Considered one of the most popular artists in the world of urban vinyl, Tim built up his own brand name called “Da TeamBronx” and has worked with huge clients like Hasbro, ADIDAS, and MTV.

Alice Chan
World-famous cross-media illustrator and artist who has worked with global brands like The Peninsula, Fendi, Sportmax (Max Mara), Anna Sui, Colette, Shiseido, Coca Cola, the 2008 Olympic games, and Galeries Lafayette.

Jason Siu
Hong Kong toy designer Jason Siu of Monkey Playground-fame is a leading name in the realm of "urban vinyl action figures"; his toys and design reflect his fascination with hip-hop street culture.

Koto Nishiyama (Co-sponsored by Play Imaginative)
One of five members of the Japanese design team DEVILROBOTS whose symbolic character TO-FU
OYAKO is well known worldwide.

Mori Chack
Japanese graphic designer famous for his Chax product line, especially the character Gloomy Bear.

Shinichiro Kitai (Co-sponsored by Play Imaginative)
Art Director of the five-member Japanese design team DEVILROBOTS whose symbolic character TO-FU OYAKO is well known worldwide.

Simone Legno
Creator of the popular Tokidoki brand, Simone has worked on design projects with Volkswagen, MTD, and Microsoft.

Performing guests
AKB48 is Japan’s leading girl idol group created under the concept "idols you can meet every day” with a wide appeal that reaches out to an international fan base.

Ellya Chao from Merveilleux Boutique
Costume designer and maker from Merveilleux Boutique which creates Gothic, Lolita, Victorian-inspired costumes.

Jennifer Phillips (Her stunt team comprises of members Matt Emig, Sammy Vasquez, Nikki Stanley and Daniel Graham)
Jennifer Phillips is a renowned action/fight choreographer behind action scenes in Hollywood movies
like Salt, The Twilight Saga – Eclipse, Kung Fu Panda, Pirates of the Caribbean and the new Thor movie,scheduled for release in 2011.

STGCC exclusive collectibles and toy launches

Fans will be the first to get their hands on STGCC exclusive collectibles and the latest toys, comics and games with some of the biggest brands launching their newest products at the event. With Tokidoki’s Simone Legno, Gloomy Bear’s Mori Chack and DEVILROBOTS’ Koto Nishiyama attending STGCC, fans will have the exciting opportunity to have their collectibles autographed by its creators!

Toy launches

• BE@RBRICKS x Uglydolls presented by Action City
• 3” Care Bears™ Trexi (Pearl Glitter Edition), 3” SpongeBob SquarePants Trexi, 4” Gloomy TO-FU (10th Anniversary Gloomy Edition), 9" Gloomy Plush (Sitting Down), 10” BurgerBoss Trexi by Tokidoki (Green Edition), 10” Copperhead Trexi by Kenny Wong (White Edition), 3” STGCC 2010 Trexi (an exclusive) presented by PIay Imaginative
• Unicorno’s series presented by Tokidoki

Comic launches
• Bloody Bunny Vinyl 7 presented by 2Spot Communications
• KALKITOS REPLAY 2010 presented by Ideas Empire (Exhibitor)
• Karneval (World’s first English version), Metal Fight Beyblade Volume 3, Naruto Volume 53 (Chinese edition) and One Piece Volume 60 (Chinese edition) presented by Chuangyi (Exhibitor)
• Major Zombie: Love and Lost, SIX and Gilamon Sketchbook presented by Gilamon (Exhibitor)
• Salvation Sam presented by Jove Pater Media (Exhibitor)
• Sir Fong’s Adventures in Science Book 3: Cells presented by Otto Fong (Artist Alley)
• STGCC numbered limited edition of the V for Vendetta Absolute Edition Hardcover Graphic Novel presented by GnB Comics (Exhibitor)
• The Resident Tourist (Part 4) presented by Dreary Weary (Exhibitor)
• The Winged Tiger in Singapore presented by Phil Yeh (Celebrity Guest)

Merchandise launches
Designer T-shirts from Major Zombie: In Your Face and Major Zombie: Ready to Rumble presented by Gilamon (Exhibitor)
Gaming tournaments and new game launchesOrganised by Asiasoft Online, top gamers from around the region will participate in a battle-to-the death series of thrilling gaming tournaments such as Sudden Attack, Monster Forest, Audition, RayCity and GetAmped.

As for new game launches will be Priston Tale II, 神鬼传奇 (Shen Gui Chuan Qi), MapleStory Game Patch presented by Asiasoft Online

Sneak peeks and premieres
Enjoy sneak peeks and exclusive premieres of some of the most anticipated anime movies and cartoons at STGCC!

Nurarihyon no Mago, the highly-anticipated movie based on the popular Japanese anime of the same title, presented by Animax.
Generator Rex, the American animated television series, presented by Cartoon Network
• Pororo, one of South Korea’s most successful animation export, presented by Iconix Korea

Win prizes as your favourite Cosplay character

Give tribute to your favourite comic, anime, manga and gaming characters and dress up in your best costume for the Cosplay@STGCC Competition. Spread over three days, Cosplay@STGCC features three categories – Solo, Group and a new Mini-Me for category where children aged five to 12 can cosplay as mini superheroes and super villains.

Cosplay fans will also get to see gorgeous Gothic, Lolita and Victorian-inspired costumes from Japanese anime, including a first time presentation in Asia by the seven Maiden Roses, by costume designer and maker Ellya Chao. The fashion show will be staged by Merveilleux Boutique.

Artist Alley
Over 40 aspiring and talented artists from all over Southeast Asia will come together to showcase their creative flair and imaginative artwork at Artist Alley. Already familiar names in the comics, animation and graphic design world, they come from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines to take part in STGCC’s Artist Alley.

We have illustrators, comic artists and even a graffiti artist and toy sculptor at this year’s Artist Alley and some of them will be launching their new creations and products at STGCC.

General Event Information

Dates: 10-12 December 2010
Opening Hours:

 10 Dec 2010 10.00am – 12.00pm (Trade Hours)
12.00pm – 9.00pm (Open to Public)
11 Dec 2010 11.00am – 9.00pm (Open to Public)
12 Dec 2010 11.00am – 8.00pm (Open to Public)

Venue: Suntec International Convention Centre, Level 4, Halls 401 & 402

Early Bird Ticket Price: S$10.00 for a 1-day ticket; S$20.00 for a 3-day ticket.
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