We turn 2 today

Open the Toy has official turn 2 years old today! *Applause!

What can I say but a big thank you for all my readers and the fans who like this blog on my facebook. It has been a wonderful second year and a challenging year to me as I  took on a new role as a father balancing between family, work (day job) and blogging about toys, games and anything fun.

This year there are some toy related blogger whom I know gave up their blog. A handful of my toy friends also kind slowing down due to changes in lifestyle. It was discouraging to me and during those time, I gave some serious thinking about blogging and balancing the demands of life.

On a personal level, my first attention was given to my family, pretty much to my son. As he is still less than a year old, we stay home most of the time. I don't really get out much to attend events and toy shopping as often as I would. Even if I could, it can only be that couple of hours as my wife and I took turns to take care of our son. I am not complaining as I do enjoy my time with my family especially my son. You may asked why we didn't hire a  maid or to be political correct, domestic helper to help? The reason have to do with why in the first place we want to have our own kid. We believe in keeping the family close which mean as parents, we take care of our child personally for bonding.

Enough of my personal life, let's talk about this blog.

This second year has been a good year as I get to work with various events and projects. I get to cover more events officially and more people following this blog. As the year is coming to an end, there are only a couple of fun things I am looking forward to such as Toy Carnival and STGCC 2010.

I am thankful not only to my readers but the sponsors as well. Without their generosity, there will not be having giveaway for this blog such as Monopoly, Gundam Unicorn screening and the recent Project Singa. However these giveaway seems to paint a picture that this blog is a blog giving away free stuff. On some occasion I have "reader" who request to be given something which my blog was not even affiliated nor mentioned. I was totally dumb struck by such "request". I felt the need to clarify that out of good will of the sponsors, giveaway item were willingly offered to me and allowing me to conduct the giveaway on this blog. I did not go around demanding my sponsors for gifts to given away to my readers. But when they offer, I have no reason to refuse too. In the same manner, I hope my readers will understand and not to make request on something I am not giving. It is not funny but rude.

The last year anniversary, I made a game. Due to the shortage of time that I have, I can only offer my sincere gratitude to the supporters of this blog. Because of your comments, feedback and supports, it kept me blogging. It is fun writing something fun and introducing new and unique toys to my readers from around the world. So please keep an open mind on Fun when you are reading this blog.

Thank you everyone for your support. :)


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