Toss those Angry Birds

If you are a owner of a smart phone or iPhone, the game Angry Birds will be familiar to you. It is one hot titles in mobile gaming to kill your boredom and frustrations.

Angry Birds was a creation by Espoo, Finland-based Rovio Mobile Ltd. The objective of the game is to control and help angry birds to take seek revenge on the Green pigs which steal their eggs. Using touch screen technology, you can control the speed and the height of the projectile hitting targets to crush the pigs.

No worry about Angry birds, they are prepared to die for this cause so to say. LOL For those who still have no idea of the game play can see the demo here.

Since the game was so popular, the official is pushing out Angry Birds plush toys for the holidays. They will be coming in the size of 8" and with a price tag of US $14.99 each excluding shipping.

If you asked me, it is a good idea as now you can throw the angry birds around anyhow you like. You can squeeze it too! Note that this version comes with thick furs.

Watch out if you are getting the Angry Birds Plush as there are a number of none original merchandises that making Angry birds.

Buy the original Angry Birds from the original website!


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