Shui Hu Zhuang Ling Chong Model Kit (Bootleg Sangokuden)

Sometime ago, Ngee Khiong wrote on his finding about bootleg Sangokuden Gundam Model kit being repackage as Shui Hu Zhuang 水浒传. I thought only available in China but it had somehow creep into Singapore as I found them selling at a neighborhood make shift stall. I decided to buy a few to see what are the differences myself.

Here's Ling Chong. The box art was colorful with many wordings promoting the character.

On the top left hand coner of the box was Shui Hu Zhuang 水浒传 logo which the design very similar to Sangokuden logo.

The side of box art did not have images of the actual model kit. Instead, it was cover up with comic and the same drawing on the front of the box. There even have warning label too...

This toy is labeled with safety assurance using non-tonic 100% safe plastic in Chinese.Would you trust it claim?

When I opened the box, some colorful stuff capture my attention. A small comic book of the story of Shui Hu Zhuang (which has no drawing of the mecha but human) and a card.

For the card, one side is the box art mecha which by now I am tired to seeing it again and on the other a comic drawing of the character in the original story.

Flipping the comic booklet, I confirmed it was comic of the actual story human character.

Now for the moment of truth. The real look of the mecha. Seen anyone familiar Sangokuden fan?

That's right. The model has nothing like the box art! It is actually Ma Chao from Sangokuden! Even the instruction sheet look the same with Original!

* Left is from Bandai.

I was lucky to have a none assemble Ma Chao with me (I have quite a number of not assemble actually...:(). So I had a comparison and let's start with the runners.

On the left is from Bandai Ma Chao in Blue while the right is Ling Chong. The color is different but the parts are the same.

To set them apart, the mark on the sole of the feet is different too. With Ling Chong for the purple and Ma Chao in blue from Bandai.

Here's a picture for that verification. See the wording on the marking on the runners?

Even for the white runners. You will notice the different in quality. Notice the visible sharper details from Bandai?

Here's a comparison of the other remaining runners.

If you have doubts which one is from Bandai, here's a clearer picture. Notice the quality of the parts? Bandai seems like having another coat of shimmering on the runners.

Lastly is the stickers that come with it.

It is safe to say that this model kit in parts are a replicate of Bandai Ma Chao which has no resemblance with the box art it came with. The only difference are some minor details changing of names.

I would not want to comment further and I leave you to draw your own conclusion as a consumer after this review. Hopefully now you are more aware of these.


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