SFX Revoltech: Skeleton Army, Jason and the Argonauts

Revoltech will be releasing this cool looking classic Skeleton Army from the movie Jason and the Argonauts in January 2011.

For the benefit for those who are younger and have no recollection of this classic movie which was done using stop-motion effect with clay model, here a part of the movie.

I instantly felt in love when I saw this toy. I mean how cool is this? It was a bonus when I learn the heads can do all these cool poses and a total of 14 joints!

The accessories that come with it is generous.

With a Base, 2x Shields ( I love the designs), a Spear, 2 Swords, a Shield Arm, 4 Option Hand and a Nameplate.

The base allow have another semi moveable skeleton that can pose to swing the sword.

The main Skeleton can arm himself with Spear or swords. If you buy more than you, you will get the idea of having an Skeleton Army.

You get the idea. ;)


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