RG 1/144 MS-06S Zaku II Review

Ever since the completion of building of my RG RX78-2 Gundam, I had eagerly waiting for Zaku in Real Grade and I was glad to try on one.

If the last thing I learned about assembling a RG model kit, I would know it has a detail close to MG but have the size in HG. Allow me to show you the details of RG Char's Zaku. I will start with the feet. Just one feet and notice the number of parts?

Now imagine the parts that formed the legs.

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Leg completed to joint with the feet...

There is still a connector tube that need to be inserted at the leg. But first we have to set it up.

Initially I thought that is just a plastic tube but it turn out to be a mini spring!

Next you just have to connect them from the leg to the feet

That will roughly show you how much details and time it takes to complete one.
Next we move on to these weapons.

Here are something I like Zaku weapons. First is the design of the weapon which has a shoulder rest for better weapon that fit every nicely against the Zaku's chest.

Speaking of chest, RG Zaku chest can be open to revile the pilot cockpit. Too bad the standing Char can't fit inside.

You can put the spare ammo of the gun at the back of Zaku.

At his back, you can fit in the Bazooka too.

What is this review without comparing with the first series of the Real Grade, RX78-2 Gundam? So here come Rx78-2.

In comparison, Zaku is more beef up than Gundam.

For close range melee, Zaku will be using an axe.
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The special point of this Real grade series is the elbows had the ability to bend the arms all the way back.

The same thing apply to the knee joint as well.

Last but not least, it can achieve all this requirement with a great sense of balance. Is that awesome or what?

On the whole, I enjoyed the process to put up this kit even though it has many parts. Personally I felt this kit is easier and have firmer joints than the previous series of real grade. Or maybe because I am getting use it and knowing what to expect.

This kit will be official release on 25 November 2010, so look out for it!


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