Real & Fake Nendoroid: Melissa Seraphy

Sometime ago I review a bootleg Nendoroid Miku Hatsune. Regardless the review was done without any comparison with an original product, many readers are more aware of the bootleg version.

This time round, I have a comparison supported by Chubbybot from The Toy Room who share his original version to make this toy review more informational. Here's the original and bootleg Melissa Seraphy from Nendoroid series.

With the packaging, can you tell which one is the original and which one is a bootleg?

The answer, the original is on your left. :)

As the packaging are for deceiving, the bootleg are clever to replicate the package as similar as possible in order to deceive the buyer.

If the box art is hard to tell them apart, then the figurine maybe a little way to know unless it compare with the original toy. Can you tell them apart?

Here's some way to tell them apart. On the right is the original Nendoroid from Good Smile Company. Can you notice the detail of the hair and face texture?

Original skin tone are normally non-reflective (likely to be spray another layer or matt paint) while the other version has a reflective surface of the bare plastic.

Next it's the hair. See the (left side) hairline was rough and the color were uneven from the original.

The coloring become more obvious at the back of the figurine which you will never get to see in the packaging.

Next we move on to the body of Melissa. See anything obvious? (Please don't stare at the Patsu underwear...)

* Note the original one is on the right.

Yes the skull in the middle of Melissa chest is the obvious one. It is suppose to be pure white (original) and not yellowish.

Another would her pumpkin skirt. The original (on the right) was suppose to be tinted black but the bootleg version just use a clear transparent plastic.

These are the differences which is kinda subtle to the untrained eye especially without an original product to take reference from. So now you know the differences? Just to make sure, is the Melissa on the photo below original or bootleg?

* Don't mind the food behind, it was Chubby lunch that day.

Once again I want to thank Chubbybot for offering his original Melissa to make this review possible.


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