Quick Visit to AFAX

I managed to find sometime to have a short visit at AFAX. Originally wanted to take some shots of the cosplayers outside the AFA venue like last year but the lobby was reserved for other events. So most cosplayers were inside the hall.

When I arrived there, I was thankful that I am able to be brought in. The moment I stepped in, Bandai was there. I was greeted by Gundam Model display and booth. Perfect Grade Strike Freedom Gundam was there again.

One of the coming kit that caught my attention from Digimon!

Next there was great Mazinger display in all shape and sizes.

Mazinger was one of the feature toys during that event.

There was a fair bit of Saint Seiya

For One piece fan, S.H.Figuarts displayed their toys in that series. Naomi look a bit muscular for this series.

Not forgetting Kamen Riders from S.H.Figuarts

If you are a kamen Rider fan, there was quite a number of Kamen Rider cosplayers

Here's Faiz

There were some Good Smile company offers at AFA.

Actually most of the Good Smile stuff there was not really a bargain but since some of it was rare, you can imagine the prices on sale there. I overheard a young girl mention for one of these toys, she have to sacrifice some lunch in period. Doesn't sound like a wise choice.

Anyway there was only one good offers I spotted that day.

Since we are on the topic of eating, there were many candy toys on offers too!

But the one that kinda knock me off was these candies snacks from Crayon shin chan and the price is good!

Another that attract me for AFAX is none other than Project Diva Arcade was there.
Sega was kind enough to have people to enforce the queuing system and allowing all characters selection. However there was only 2 set of machine there that result in quite a long queue.

I didn't managed to play with it due to the lack of time on my end but somehow I felt after the event, these machine maybe in some arcade in Singapore.

I didn't return home empty handed tho. I did manage to get something that I wanted for sometime. It's a bit pricy but I am too tired looking around for better offers so I just get it. It is none other than the Full mask of Ichigo hallow or Vizard mode.

You may remember that I have a half face mask for that which I shared sometime ago.

Overall I felt that the event atmosphere was not as strong as last year but then again maybe the atmosphere is more on the concert side which I didn't visit it due to time.


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