Project Singa Giveaway

When the word Kindness comes to mind, the Singa lion comes to my mind. Singa has been a ambassador of Kindness in Singapore ever since I was attending my primary education in the 1980s. (Oh no, I exposed my age!)

Finally after close to 3 decades, Singa return as a toy figurines to spread the word of Kindness in Singapore as Project Singa.

There will be a Project Singa Exhibition taking place from 12-15 November at Funan Singapore. It will feature the top entries from both the Singa Poster Design Competition, and the Design-A-Singa Competition, as well as the Custom Showcase of custom design figurines from local artists and design schools.

One of the highlight is the Limited Edition box set which has 34 designs of Singa which is worth SGD $500!

Project Singa and PlayImaginative are kind enough to give 3 sets of these Limited Edition boxset to Open the Toy Singapore readers through facebook.

Here are the rules of the Giveaway
1. You must be currently residing in Singapore.
2. You must be a fan of Project Singa and Open the toy page in facebook.
3. Place your answer as a comment on Open the toy page undering Project Singa Giveaway thread and "Share" that thread to your friends in Facebook.

4. The closing date of this giveaway end at 8th November 2010 11pm Singapore time and if there are more than 3 correct entries, a lucky draw will be conducted.
5. Winners will be notify in facebook messaging and have to collect the prize in person during the Project Singa Exhibition which will took place from 12-15 November at Funan Singapore.

Just answer these two simple questions at Open the toy page in facebook..
1. How many designs are there in the limited Edition Project Singa boxset?
2. What is the tagline on Project Singa website?

By the way, Open the Toy is one of the Media Partners of Project Singa. :)

Remember to show a little more kindness in your daily life too. :)


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