Dibo the gift Dragon Toys

Ever since my last post on Dibo the Gift Dragon animation on Disney channel, I went for a quest to look for the toys for my son. After months of asking around, finally my quest was over.

Dibo the gift dragon is one my son favorite cartoons on Disney channel. I was glad to discover the toys at our local retail Kiddy palace over the weekend. I spotted Cro from a distant actually.

as I drew closer, I found Elo

and finally Bunnie.

Annie and Dibo were nowhere in sight. Refusing to give up, I asked for the help of the staff and they managed to dig out a Dibo for me. My son was happy and double that for me.

Dibo was around 12 inches in height. The plush toys maker a did great job of the consistency of the character in the animation.

The skin were soft and felt cozy to touch. You expect nothing less since Dibo was from Cozy land. LOL

Here's a close up on Dibo giving a sincere and friendly smile.

The little wings look cute too although I do not know how they are powerful to lift Dibo on flight.

Now I know some of you may concern if this is a actual original toy. From the tag on the toy, I can be certain this is a original license product.

The toy was made in China but distributed by Peilcan Publishing Sdn Bhd from Malaysia.

If you have watched the show before, you will know Dibo get his name by being a gift dragon from his tummy whenever someone wanted to make a wish.

To make a wish, he/she need to say, "Di Di, Bo Di, Dibo Dibo Di!" follow by saying out their wishes. The letter D on the zip will go ring and Dibo would unzip his tummy.

Out of it will come a gift to the wisher. I was glad that this plush did actually do what Dibo does in the show!

My son is loving this toy and as a Father, I am glad that I found this Dibo for my son.

Do you like Dibo the Gift Dragon too?


rukaWareZ said…
Where did you buy dibo's flush toy? Malaysia or singapore? Kindly e mail me at redzapx@gmail.com
Unknown said…
If not in kiddie palace, anyone else knows where to buy?
Unknown said…
I'm looking for Dibo toys for my niece in the U.S. Does anyone know where I can purchase them?

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