Bleach Gashapon Keychain

Today I am going to share two of my Bleach keychain from a Gashapon series sometime ago.

The gashapon series is from this series.

I went for two tries and I was lucky to get Ichigo Kurosaki and Rukia Kuchiki.

I like this SD version of Rukia. Due to the big head and small feet, this figure cannot stand on it's own but it does not matter as it was designed to be a key chain so it is not expected to stand on desk. With a little help of blue tagg, I enable for Rukia to stand for this photo shoot.

They imprinted the product trademarks on the back of Rukia since there were so much space.

This version of Rukia came with her Bankai Shikai zanpakutō, Sode no Shirayuki. As the figure, the sword look really cute.

Next we move the spot light back to Ichigo. The version of Ichigo is in his Bankai mode.

His zanpakutō, Tensa Zangetsu. A longer and cooler looking sword than Rukia to my personal liking.

His hairstyle look cute at the back view. A typical Duran head (spiky hair) if you asked me. You will get the idea if his hair is green instead of orange.

Since the hair are spiky, they can't imprint the trademark marking at the back of his head like their did to Rukia. So they move the trademark at the soles of Ichigo's feet.

Overall I really like these two keychains. It is one of those bleach merchandise that push me to get when I saw them.

Ain't they a lovely couple?

However they are still not together in the Manga or Anime. I guess it had to do with various support from the readers as some are for them while some are against them to be together. So basically the readers are taken for a ride again.


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