Apple lovers will digg this

Some said Apple is a successful brand but many would agree the real branding is the co-founder of Apple computer, Steve Job. So it wasn't a surprise if Steve Job toy would be a sell out for Apple supporter especially one that really have the very likeness of Steve himself.

I found this Steve Job figurine introducing iPhone over at Made in China website. A closer look at the likeness.

If you are a Apple fan, you will know Steve always goes by his signature black turtle neck shirt, blue jean and sneakers. This figure comes with a Apple icon as a base.

The wonderful thing about this display figure, is that it allow you to put caption like some of his famous quote during his iPhone presentation.

You can customize the wording with anything you like or Steve's famous phases.

* Yes one more thing is one phase he like to say.

But most of all, Steve's did made this bold comment on Android users which is offensive to some.

I am pretty sure that statement gets many to get a Android. LOL

If you like this figure, you can head over to the website. I have to say as much as the figurine is nice, it is quite pricey. However knowing Apple supporters, they go for anything. Then again this is not official Apple product.

Updates: The website that selling the figure is canceled.

Disclaimer: This blog is not related with the website selling this toy. Just find it is interesting to share.


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